Saviour Professionals is one of its kind and one of the world’s leading multi-purpose company. We support companies in important decisions on strategy, operations, technology, organisation, private equity and M&A – cross-industry and cross-border. Together with its clients, SP works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading enterprise value over the long term. Since our foundation we have been measuring our success by the results of our global work. 


SaviourProfessionals VOF (SP) connects, simplifies and strengthens. Progress is the foundationof all great successes. The world is in a constant state of dynamism, and thosewho are rigid and only want to maintain the status quo are struggling. At Saviour Professionals you will find total solutions for your business. We offer customized services to meet your requirements and assist you in achieving your goals. Be it organizing, structuring, re-structuring, administration, operation, training, planning and implementation, we do everything. From business setup to international expansion and collaborations, our team is your perfect match. Working within various projects in almost all types of industries help us building strong networking which benefits our clients. 

We deliver immediate performance improvement for clients facing their most critical challenges, by providing our transformation, turnaround and restructuring expertise. We work closely with results-oriented CEOs and their teams to achieve rapid, sustainable performance improvements.

What we do?
Uncover and implement the right solution, at the right time, in the right way.

SP provides global leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world. We work as advisers, interim leaders and partners who tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear.

How we help?
Rapid diagnosis, exacting action, practical solutions and on-site leaders.

Complex problems, shifting demands and tumultuous business environments make today’s high stakes even more dangerous. Our operational heritage helps us decipher your challenges, as our commitment to value creation identifies new opportunities. Always at the ready, we stand with you.

Our unique blend of subject-matter expertise, wealth of cross-disciplinary and cross-industry experience, and proven track record enable us to deliver tailored, effective solutions and unparalleled service in a broad range of matters from services to design and manufacturing.

Students & Placements

Saviour Professionals is a One Stop Solution for students, fresh graduates and working professionals for studies, funding, placements and immigration. Our specially designed programs for individual clients/candidates are focused to make your dreams come true and help you stabilize your finances. Our services are extended to the old/passed students who passed any qualification. Your success is our success. Check our relevant sections and apply now.

Volunteer Programs

Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Give back to your local community. Make a difference to someone’s life. Overcome your fears. Boost your career. Protect the environment. Gain new skills. Build your confidence. Experience our volunteer programs.

Want to travel the world while gaining relevant professional or social work experience? Discover how our award-winning programs can elevate your resume and give you a volunteer experience/summer to remember!

Best Packages with best services guaranteed. Our volunteer packages start from 390 Euro/month and chance to win up to 10,000 Euro and lots of gifts.

Industrial Training Programs

Our Industrial Training International center exists to serve and learn, every day. The same values the company was founded and continue to drive us forward today. SP was founded by people whose desire was to help others and be good stewards of their gifts. The tenacity to achieve, work hard, and the desire to help others has formed a company that has continuously exhausted all efforts to lead the world in training skills and providing quality services in order improve the industrial activities of the employers we serve and offer training to individuals in various positions- paid (up to 6,000 Euro) and unpaid (fees 500 Euro). Selection is guaranteed for all applicants.

Academic Organizations - Universities, Colleges, Schools & Institutions

Driven by a strong ideology, SP’s A to Z Services to the Academic Organizations – Universities, Colleges and Schools through its suite of services, offers comprehensive solutions to international institutions seeking to establish a long-term presence in India’s diverse, dynamic and evolving education market. The company’s primary objective is to assist and facilitate the seamless entry of overseas universities and other institutions into the country.

We are a team of experienced multi-national professionals. Clients benefit from a leadership team with extensive exposure in the field of education who have managed and represented institutions in India and abroad, as well as having supported new and established overseas businesses grow and develop their full time presence in India.

Our leadership is supported by an experienced senior management team with expertise in Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Information Technology, Operations, Brand Communications and Marketing, as well as other business related functions.

A to Z also has global presence from where clients get easy access to their potential markets. 

Consulting services to Schools, Colleges and Universities: SP offers a range of services for schools, colleges and universities designed to enable them to help their students apply to higher education institutions at home and abroad. Services range from seminars and speeches, through to small-group guidance and one-to-one counseling.

For universities, we provide services in the following areas:

  • Market analysis and student recruitment drive
  • Advertisement support
  • Print advertising, hoardings
  • Advertising, on our social networking sites
  • Participation in Education Fairs and local exhibition
  • Visits to local colleges and institution
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Events like Pre Departure Briefings | Education Fairs | Alumni events

With over 5,000 active recruitment partners and educational agencies in over 150 countries Admission Overseas provides a vast platform for international student recruitment.

We prepare students for Psychometric Assessment, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc

We provide marketing and student recruitment solutions to the institutions to foray in India to enhance their international student enrolments. We work with the specific objectives of developing an extensive network of education agents for our client institutions and assisting them in establishing and managing an Indian office. We use effective marketing strategies like international partnerships with universities and international education fairs that help our client institutions create a strong presence in these markets.

Our business model: 

Establish a Network of Education Agents

Recruiting and Supervising an In-Country Representative

Screening of Applications

University Partnerships

Market Research and Analysis

Marketing and Branding

Why Choose Us?

We understand business

We are professional at what we do

An accomplished team

We understand the needs of our clients

Internship, Work experience and Work Shadowing

STUDENTS the world over need professional experience to secure their first step on the career ladder. But since the economic crisis, a lot of companies and organisations have started using the terms internship, work experience and voluntary post interchangeably as if they meant the same thing. However, there are real differences between the three. And if you’re looking for opportunities that could open the door to your dream career, you need to contact us. We have huge database and we can offer you guaranteed selection to our paid (salary up to 8,000 Euro/month) and un-paid (fees 500 Euro) opportunities.

Global Admissions Service Center

Saviour Professionals Admissions and Educational team is a student-focused consultant in International Education.

SP aspires to help each student attain the best education that this world has to offer. In today’s world of commercialization, we strive to give you the opportunity and by enabling you to receive your education from some of the finest universities in the world.

Through our counseling services we mentor and guide the students towards choosing the right international degree in a country which is suitable to their profile. With an accomplished founder who has had over a decade and a half vast experience in guiding students attain education overseas. We are education consultants who specialize in providing professionally tailored education advice and consultancy for the aspiring students. Admission Abroad administers world class counseling in order to enable you to pick the right career path, the best university for your career and equip you with education to take on the world we specialize in guiding students towards attaining a global degree offering a wide range of undergraduate programs, postgraduate and post doctoral programs.

Some highlights about the admission services we offer are:

Exams & Coaching – Career Counselling – University Selection – Recommendation / Assistance – Admission Guidance – Finance Assistance – Travel Assistance – Forex Assistance – Pre-departure guidance – Scholarship guidance – Visa Assistance – Academic Pathway Planning

We are a team of Educational Consultants with specialized skills in the areas of counseling candidates for Higher Education, Career plans, Interview preparation, and Visa assistance. As a part of our services, we could advise on your future educational plans. Every year new set of students start their careers with us. This is a journey that is both challenging and rewarding. I feel that studying abroad is a very important decision and one wrong advice may lead students to end up on a wrong course at a wrong university. We strongly encourage you to visit our office, inspect our facilities for your guidance, talk with consultants, meet the members and discover for yourself why so many aspirants have made SP as their first choice.

We work only with the higher standard education institutions with highest standard and quality. And we ensure that our students are satisfied about their establishments, quality of teaching and recognition of degrees. It takes companies a whole life time to cover such a long and significant achievement but SP feels the journey has just begun!

We are known among our students for the highest student satisfaction, professionalism and student friendliness. This has created a very good reputation of our company among the students and parents.

Immigration Programs

Best options for working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and businesses. For those wanting to migrate abroad, we offer documentation processing, application and filing services. Our Immigration Processing Department ranks amongst the best in the world. A highly experienced research team evaluates and processes cases diligently as per the latest rules and regulations.

We file the highest number of visa applications globally. SP employs or works alongside Accredited Immigration Lawyers at partner offices worldwide. 

SP offers end-to-end services for those intending to migrate abroad. There are a few countries that currently have a point-based immigration programme for those who want to work and settle there. There are a number of categories through which aspiring migrants can file their applications.

Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Financial Aids

Saviour Professionals offers a range of different scholarship programmes for students of all age groups to help cover study and living expenses. Our scholarships and funding aims to benefit – school, college and university students, fresh graduates, working professionals and students who passed out in the last 10 years.

We Fund Educational Dreams

SP is providing various scholarships and tuition assistance to students for the financial assistance they need to go higher. No matter what your dream, SP can help you fund it.

What We Offer

SP Scholarship awards nearly $1 million in college scholarship programs each year. With more than 30 different scholarship programs, we have opportunities for students at every level.

SP also offers a unique no interest loan. It’s like borrowing money from a rich uncle—you pay back exactly the amount you borrow and nothing more.

SP is devoted to helping individuals achieve a better life through higher education. We believe that education is a right, not a privilege and that scholarships are an investment, not an expense.

We fulfill our mission by funding the financial gap with grants and interest-free loans, offering financial literacy to educate students and parents about college affordability and honoring the achievements of our students through publications and events.

Expanding Our Reach – To create Global Citizens

Initially, the goal of our scholarships was to help individuals receive an education that was otherwise financially out of reach. In recent years, we have expanded that goal by working with forward-thinking funders and now also fund students in areas where there is a critical workforce shortage or a strong need for high-caliber professionals. We have scholarship funds for school, college, university students, graduate teacher education, fresh graduates, past graduates, working professionals and bilingual social work students, designed to create a pipeline of highly qualified professionals to create global citizens. We also have funding for vocational training in fields such as healthcare where workers are in high demand.

SP offers funding opportunities for students and staff- giving you the opportunity to undertake exciting and innovative projects.

We offer two streams of student funding

Research Grants

Our research grants enable the development of student-led, original research that is innovative and unique.

Performance Grants

Our performance grants support students who want to create and develope a performance project.

Our unique funding opportunities:

  • School student scholarships & grants – partial and fully funded (tuition fees, tuition fees + stipend up to 400 Euro per month) – Age 3 years to 18 years
  • Vocational, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Post-graduate, Master and PhD scholarships, grants and fellowships – partial and fully funded (up to 96,000 Euro).
  • Volunteer funding – chance to win up to 10,000 Euro
  • Old is Gold grants from 5,000 to 50,000 Euro- passed students and graduates from 1986 to till date.  

We help organizations of all sizes and some highlights about the services that we offer:
  • Start-up to brand establishment and expansion
  • Complete business consulting
  • Corporate Performance Improvement
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Financial consulting
  • Risk & compliance
  • Technology consulting
  • Transaction support
  • Professional search
  • Crisis management services
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Training
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Crisis Management Services
  • Workplace Culture Optimization
  • Global Service Delivery
  • Strategy Development
  • Penetrate your existing market
  • Innovate your product or service
  • Extend your market reach
  • Sourcing & Acquisitions
  • Recruitment
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Advertisement, Sales and Marketing
  • Complete Solution – Administration, Operations, Management, Research and Development.

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