Business visitor June 2024

Name: Mr. ABHINAV SHARMA (Design Engineer (Mechanical) of Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd.)

Passport Number: U1420155

Date of Birth: 13 November 2000 (13/11/2000)

Purpose of travel:

  1. Technical Meetings: Mr Sharma will participate in meetings with potential partners, distributors, and clients in Portugal and the Netherlands to explore collaborative opportunities and establish mutually beneficial business relationships. He will offer his expertise, advice and contribution in the industrial requirements to manufacture suitable Thermal Energy Storage Systems.
  2. Site Visits: Mr. ABHINAV SHARMA will have the opportunity to visit manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and logistics centers in the Netherlands to gain insights into the local supply chain and industry practices.

Mr. ABHINAV SHARMA has deposited a cheque of value equivalent to Euro 12,000 as a security deposit with our official representative in India as a guarantee to return back to India before the expiry of his Schengen visa.

Details of itinerary: 

  • DAY 1: Fly on 23 June 2024, India to Portugal. Stay at Hotel Address: Rua do Pinheiro 13, 2710-416 Sintra, Portugal, Phone: +351 910 055 080.
  • Stay in Portugal: 23 June 2024 to 29 June 2024 to attend the technical and business meeting at Vivenda Felicidade – Regenerative Coliving and Coworking Farm, 10 AM to 5 PM every day.
  • Check out on 29 June 2024 and travel to the Netherlands.
  • Arrive in Enschede, The Netherlands on 29th June 2024, Stay at hotel, U Parkhotel, 8 De Veldmaat, 7522 NM Enschede, Netherlands, Phone: +31 53 433 1366.
  • Stay in the Netherlands: 29 June 2024 to 04 July 2024 to attend the technical and business meeting at Saviour Professionals VOF, The World Trade Center Twente, Industrieplein 1, 7553 LL, Hengelo, The Netherlands, 10 AM to 5 PM every day.
  • LAST DAY: Checkout on 04 July 2024 Conclusion of the Technical and business meeting in from 9 AM to 2 PM CET (Central European Time). Fly back to India on 04 July 2024.

Meeting Locations:

In Portugal:  Vivenda Felicidade – Regenerative Coliving and Coworking Farm, Largo Principal, 2705-554 São João das Lampas, Portugal.

In the Netherlands: Saviour Professionals VOF, World Trade Center Twente, Hengelo, The Netherlands.