Recruitment Formalities

Saviour Professionals V.O.F. strictly follows the mandatory recruitment requirements from the employment, labor and Immigration Authorities. To meet these requirements by the applicants, our legal advisors extend their support and services at no fess but only the mandatory fee for the stamps, registrations, etc. 

PLEASE NOTE; All the documents mentioned below and sent through email needs to be translated/attestation/apostille/notarized and registered by the candidate or the legal advisor to make the visa applications through the company. All the documents are SELF DECLARATION that means NO NEED to do the actual tests, police verifications, etc due to the risk of rising COVID-19. But once the candidates arrive then we can arrange all the tests here after arriving from the airport and if necessary arrange quarantine for 2 weeks. If there is any misinformation presented in the self declarations then unfortunately we will have to DEPORT those candidates.

We recommend all the applicants to follow the advice of our legal advisors as mentioned below;

A] Use the following form and submit the required documents mentioned below:

1) Offer letter acceptance


3) Medical Self declaration

4) Health Insurance self declaration

5) Police clearance self declaration

6) COVID-19 self declaration

7) Immigration forms

B] After receiving the file, our HR team and Legal advisors will take it further to make sure that you could join our team as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a legal advisor is important for you?

Legal advisors are important for you to complete all the formalities required by you and by the company. The lawyer's service charges for attestation, translation, notary, apostillization, registering you to various departments and submitting you documents on your behalf is very high in Netherlands, hence our legal advisors will charge you no service charges except for the mandatory fee required for stamps, registration and submission fees.

It is required for your safety and legal arrival in Netherlands, as many things changed due to COVID-19.

Why so many formalities?

All the formalities that we have advised and suggested is for your safe arrival and quick processing. It is all done under the guidance of the mandatory requirements by the employment, labor and immigration Authorities.

Completion of these formalities are mandatory and must be fulfilled.

What is next? When can you join?

After receiving all the documents the legal advisors will submit all your applications in the respective authority offices in Netherlands.

Our aim is that you arrive here before the date mentioned on you offer letter.

Offer Letter Acceptance and Submission

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