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All types of profit and non-profit organizations

Every problem has a solution. There are many problems out there, and you don’t always have the right resources to solve them. Saviour Professionals wants to bring the right solutions to the table, for every problem you may encounter! This can go from bringing you in contact with the right people and companies to accelerate your business development efforts, or help you define your strategy in the markets we are familiar with, or providing you with the right market intelligence. Sometimes you need a specific raw material, we can help you source it on a global basis. Maybe you have bigger plans, and want to increase your investments worldwide, or acquire another company or technology to boost your business. As we all know, having the right people on your team makes all the difference. For all these questions we have answers. Saviour Professionals can help you out!

Innovators by nature.

Collaboration across the world. Saviour Professionals has the expertise.

Leaders with industry experience.

Advising established players, emerging start-ups and everything in between. Saviour Professionals knows business from the inside.

Insights that count.

Educating our clients on what matters most. Saviour Professionals listens, learns and then informs.

  • Develop your business

The world changes faster than ever!

  • Strategy development

We try to avoid being short termers from the outside.

  • Sourcing

Just attend any trade show to see that sourcing possibilities have exploded?

  • Aquisitions

We would like to tell you what might be right for you.

  • Recruitment

There are good people out there and we know many of them.

  • Helping our clients to solve their toughest issues.

Asking and answering the toughest questions to build a better working world.

  • Accuracy and effectiveness of the strategy
  • Fine transformation from strategic goals to strategic initiatives and action plan
  • Alignment and efficiency of organization structure and operation management system
  • Readiness and core competence of organization
  • Availability of workforce
  • Motivation of people

Contact us :

Write to us and one of our representative will get in touch with you within 12 hours

Industries we work with includes

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Consultancies
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Financial Services
  • Government & Semi-Government Projects
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure & Capital Projects
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Political Elections - Awareness, Planning and Complete Management
  • Public & Social Sector
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications, Media & Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics

Let us together turn today’s risks into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Global Start-Up Factory

The hotspot for start-ups and professionals who have a great idea for a new company

About us

Saviour Professionals Global Start-Up Factory-opened its doors for 300 students as an answer to the growing demand for talent in the startup ecosystem. We noticed that there is a gap between the current education system and the industry. There are a tons of motivated and talented starters who just finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree. But the industry still considers them to be too inexperienced. With our programme we aim to bridge this gap by providing graduates the necessary skills and experience the industry is asking for.

Our programme consists of many customized programs and an intensive full-time course and a six-month traineeship. During the course our students work closely together with the industry to gain essential skills such as programming, growth hacking, experience design or content creation. By working on real projects for real clients and with regular feedback, our students are adaptive and fast learners. It's our passion to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

Apply now by writing us at

Meet our dedicated team

Our team is dedicated to offering our startups the best possible support. With a mixture of experienced seniors and a team of young professionals, we have all the ingredients in place to assist startups throughout their entire startup life cycle. With support in all areas of business, we accelerate the business process of startups in each step of their development.

Office Spaces and Co-working spaces

Want to be in the best environment for your company to grow? Our co-working space in your region offers a place for innovators who are not looking for an office (yet). This can range from someone who only needs a work space for one day a week to someone who is looking for a full time commitment,but wants the flexibility of moving around in our different common areas. We offer different types of desks suitable for every need. If your company grows and you are in need of more space, we grow with you. We accommodate everything you need in order to thrive. When you rent a desk in our co-working space you become a member of our Global Start-Up community and get access to everything we have to offer; enjoy our fresh, daily lunch, get fit in our gym, attend our events, be part of our online community and meet with new coworkers every day.

What does the application process look like?

After you have filled in the application form provided through us, the application process starts. The process looks as follows:

 1. We look for a match between your innovation and our focus areas.
 2. We determine the stage of the company; Incubation or Acceleration.
 3. The startup is assessed to determine the development needs.
 4. We give our final approval.

Create your own opportunities and start your career today. You will get access to cutting-edge knowledge, a set of tools, experienced professionals from the industry and an dynamic community that will become your backbone and help you to kickstart your career.

Is our Incubator suitable for your idea/company?

The incubation program is for startups who work on their proof of concept. At the end of the program, the startup has a validated business model, proven technical feasibility of the innovation, a team and a list of prospects. Each startup in this phase is welcome.

Is there a company age limit to qualify for the program?

There is no general age limit for companies to participate. We look at the stage your company is in, not the age of the startup.

Are you looking for companies of a certain size?

Company size varies widely among participants in our programs.The Incubation program can be fulfilled with a one (wo)man startup. For the 

I am a single founder. Can I get accepted into the program?

It is possible to be accepted into the program as a single founder. Part of our Incubator program is linking experts to the participating teams and finding suitable people for our startups to expand their teams,either with the experts themselves or by bringing them into touch with people in our extensive network.

Get started

We offer customized training program in which we coach first-time entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into an actual business. We offer a 12-week programme consisting of mentoring, workshops and a great network. You will work on building a product that people want and love, and create a business model around it.

Corporate Innovation Academy: for established organizations

In order to be successful in today’s dynamic environment,organizations have to be able to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and technological developments. Staying ahead requires continuous innovation, and entrepreneurship is the key differentiator between growing and shrinking firms. Entrepreneurial firms are both more innovative and productive.

Discover how we can help your established organization become more entrepreneurial.


We empower entrepreneurs by combining academic excellence with practical experience. Our research in enterpreneurship provides insightful perspectives and actionable tools. By acknowledging the vitality for continuous growth, we drive innovation for corporate and entrepreneurial firms.

Programme for Entrepreneurs

Would you like to start a business? Or, have you already started? The Inqubator can help with both setting up and growing your business. Entrepreneurs who would like to work full-time with their own company can enroll in the special Inqubator programme in which the Business Model Canvas (BMC) is utilized to provide insight into your company. Full-time entrepreneurs can then enroll in a much faster track than student entrepreneurs.

You will also have an appointment every week with a team-member from the Inqubator. Each week you can meet with the project manager from the Inqubator team about your business model and to set yourself milestones which are checked on a bi-weekly basis. The subsequent week, you will be able to speak with the business development specialist in order to go deeper into what you are working on, and also to help address any issues you may encounter.

In addition to this mentoring, entrepreneurs enrolled at the Inqubator have access to a diary of activities and events at no extra cost. Every final Thursday of the month, an ideation event is held where entrepreneurs share their activities from the previous month and draw upon the experiences and ideas of other to help them further.

Inqubator has a large support network for its entrepreneurs, who can help with growing your business. Our network includes accountants,marketeers, investors; business developers and so on. All of our partners are very supportive of start-ups and will be able to help you professionally, at a greatly reduced rate, or just by provide seasoned advice.

Programme for Student entrepreneurs

We use the Business Model Canvas (BMC) to really gain insights into your company and in order to show you which different parts of your company require attention in order for growth. We will then help you identify your client base, how you will reach out to and retain them, what your product’s unique features are and so on.

Every two weeks, you will have a meeting with the Inqubator team. In the first week this will be with the BMC, and following this you propose bi-weekly milestones that can be tracked in subsequent meetings. This helps you work in a structured way and makes sure that all of your steps are well-reasoned.

Student Entrepreneurs can participate in knowledge-sharing events, meetings and symposiums at no extra cost. Every last Thursday of the month,all entrepreneurs are invited to come together so that they can learn from each other and give informal updates on their activities in the last month.

We are kindly sponsored by and have a structural co-operation with the various educational institutes, and so students have the incredible opportunity to take part in the Inqubator.

Admissions and Immigration Services

About Us

Saviour Professionals Global Admissions, offers end-to-end guidance and solution for all the overseas education requirements. With an ever-growing network worldwide, we have established itself as one of the leading organisations in admissions to the world’s top universities, study abroad test preparation and language & communication training. The organisation focuses on admissions and guides students through the entire journey starting from short-listing of schools, test preparation, developing a competitive application strategy, interview prep and visa services. We believe in helping students realize their dreams.


At our center, we provide guaranteed admission services, wherein each student gets access to our proven proprietary framework and internal portal for optimizing his or her candidacy.

Our Admissions Counselling Service (ACS) , is an amalgamation of highly specialized and customized services. The student gets assistance in the admission process right from university selection to visa counselling.

The essence of our service lies in prioritising purity of intent, with no motive other than to provide the applicant an unbiased and comprehensive service. The first phase of this service is assessment and planning – when we align a candidate’s strengths with the target schools’ selection criteria, isolate his/her areas of concern, and propose a very specific, customized action plan to optimize his/her candidacy. The next phase is the implementation where we work along with the candidate to develop the key components of his/her application such as the resume, recommendation letters, essays, statement of purpose and interview preparation.

Currently, we have 600+ university partnerships across the globe; which offer our students the experience and flexibility of choosing educational options aligned to their dreams.

Admission Test Prep

Our mission of ‘Aspire Higher, Achieve More’ has translated into a large number of students leading the score parade in qualifying tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL & IELTS.

All our trainers undergo a rigorous certification training. Our industry-leading technology and exceptional material makes it one of the most sought after and up-to-date prep available.

We been helping students improve their standardized test scores for more than 15 years. Taking these tests requires skill, and it’s something that can be learnt. There are options for every budget and every schedule, from an online self-paced program to one-on-one private tutoring.

Vision & Mission


  • Creating new milestones in knowledge and skill enhancement
  • Empowering higher education aspirants in their quest for excellence and global careers
  • To be the leading Education Consulting Organization, to create success stories for our students, value additions to our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.


  • To optimize our students’ potential with the finest faculty, learning tools, international alliances, customized learning solutions, and research-based admissions guidance.
  • Commitment to grow our business with an emphasis on Excellence, Honesty, Integrity & Updated Knowledge.
     To build strong and credible relationships with partner institutions.
     To provide customized solutions to students aspiring to study overseas.

Core Values

Honesty, Commitment, Transparency and Value Addition.

Partner with Us

Our Global Admission Center has established itself as the ultimate destination for premium educational services worldwide with its unmatched services in test preparation and admissions counselling to the Indian students who dream of studying abroad.

SERVICE list includes:

  • Selection of universities and courses based on your academic ability and financial capability.
  • Provide all supporting documents for the application.
  • Provide information on required tests like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOELF etc.
  • Follow up with admissions office and securing admission.
  • Help to make payment and deposit of fees.
  • Help you to book accommodation.
  • Provide pre-departure briefing.
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE).
  • Provide information to face the visa interview.
  • Professional help in preparing visa documentation and applying for a visa.
  • Provide support for getting tickets, travel insurance and Forex with student discounts.
  • Arranging a 'Meet and Greet' service on your arrival at the airport.


Services we offer for Universities:

  • Global Student Recruitment
  • Market entry and penetration
  • Facilitating agent appointment and network
  • Agent training and support
  • Marketing support and advise
  • Organizing recruitment events - Spot admissions, counseling sessions, information seminars, education fairs etc.

Setting up regional office - 

  • Regional Representative/Liaising Office
  • Creating Building, Developing, Strengthening, Sustaining – Agent Network
  • Regular recruitment drives
  • Marketing advice and support
  • Dedicated Manpower
  • Visa support and counseling
  • Marketing material printing
  • Auditing and taxation

Career Counselling,
 Psychometric & Aptitude Testing

We can help you discover your strengths, and match those to a rewarding career path that will maximize your chances of success in life.

Undergraduate Admissions

A full consulting service about studying for your degree overseas, including choice of course and of university, as well as support and advice on studying and living abroad.

Graduate Admissions

A full postgraduate consulting service that will help you identified the right Masters or Doctorate for you at the best institution to further your goals, including advice on funding, visas and living overseas.

MBA Admissions Abroad

The business world’s most prestigious postgraduate qualification, we can help you become accepted on the best MBA programmes in the world.

Summer School Abroad

We can provide valuable insight into the best summer school courses at the most prestigious overseas institutions to enhance your resume or your career progression.

Visa Counselling

We support your visa application with a full checking service, as well as interview coaching and support to ensure the best chance your study visa is granted.

Profile Building

Stand out from the crowd by enhancing your profile - advice on the most valuable extra-curricular activities and networking opportunities to enhance your resume.

High Schools Abroad

A full consulting and support service for parents who wish their children to experience the very best overseas high school education.

Students and Working Professionals

Saviour Professionals offers unique and excellent services and programs to students and working professionals worldwide. Creating Global Citizens.

Students and fresh graduates Section:


Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships and Financial Aids.

Volunteer Programs

Internships/Work Experience

Industrial Training

Startup / Incubators

Professional and Personal Counselling.

Working Professionals:

Startup / Incubators

Immigration and work placements

Skills upgradation and development

Career shift and business development

Professional and Personal Counselling.

Contact us now at :

Your Success is Our Success!

Complete Package for Profit & non-Profit Making Organizations

HR Management Consulting ; Corporate Assessment ; Leadership Assessment ; Executive Coaching ; Behavioral Assessment ; Training Human Resource Outsourcing ; Commercial Outsourcing ; Payroll Outsourcing ; Executive Search ; Mass Recruitment ; Production Staffing

TurnAround Services

Our TurnAround services is for all types of organizations including political parties, companies, academic institutions and individuals.

Research & Academic funding

Saviour Professionals offers:

  • Research funding to the research institutions and universities (upto 500,000 Euro)
  • Academic funding to the schools, colleges and universities. (upto 200,000 Euro)
Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships and Financial Aids

Check our respective section and pages to know more about the offers. Our offers are unique, flexible and highest paid in the world ( 96,000 Euro per annum)

Global Startup Factory

Holland Startup manages the venture building process and assembles world-class teams around each company idea. We implement lean startup methodologies to build, measure and learn in order to find replicable, scalable and profitable business models.

It’s our Passion to Help Young Entrepreneurs Succeed.

Industrial Training

Our industrial training programs are not just for students or fresh graduates, working professionals, entrepreneurs and retired candidates can also enroll and benefit from it. We cover all fields of study and work and prepare global citizens. Apply and relax, we guarantee your selection and if possible customize it to your needs.

Global Admissions

Our Global Admissions center is a one stop for all the students. Our personalized services will not just guarantees admission but also prepares students to successfully complete the course and get into the work force and start contributing in developing better life for everyone. Our Global Citizens

Internships/Work Experience

We bring you world’s highest paid internships/work experience programs which ranges from 500 to 8,000 Euro per month. Some of the program are unpaid as well and our special application improvement team will assure selection of all the applicants so that NO ONE is LEFT BEHIND.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer in India including accommodation, food, etc, starting from 399 Euro per month only. Best service with lowest price guaranteed and chance to earn free air fare. There will be opportunities to win many prizes upto 10,000 Euro.

Preparation for Tests

We offer Test preparations for various exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc which includes study material, mock exams, personalized assistance in strengthening your weaker sections.

Immigration Programs and Services

We design special immigration programs as per our clients requirements and offer A to Z services from profile building to post landing. Contact us and discuss your preferences for AUSTRALIA, CANADA, EUROPE, UK and USA.

Your True Friend

Saviour Professionals started a project “Your True Friend” with the mission of counselling people of all age groups and with any kind of problems. Our vision is to equip every individual with the skills and knowledge to find their special abilities and make positive impact in the world.